Trojan or Interstate Golf Cart Batteries?


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I need to replace the batteries in my 2008 Club Car. Currently running the original batteries (Trojan T1275), however I have heard from friends the Interstate 12 volt golf cart batteries are better.

Having said that I have also found on line the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries which claim to be suitable for golf carts. They are sealed and require no maintenance. They are also very long lasting between charges..


Thanks for your input!


I wouldn't say the Interstate batteries are better than Trojan's but the Interstates are good batteries. I have no experience with the AGM batteries but someone else will chime in on them.


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During my RVing days I did a lot of reading on AGM/Gel batteries. Here is my opinion of the "bottom line"

AGM batteries are the best technology out there, but not the most cost effective. Their self-discharge, life, cycle life, etc, etc are superior to flooded cell, or gel cell batteries. They require no maintenance other than keeping the terminals corrosion free as you should do with any lead acid battery. A flooded cell battery requires one type of charge profile. Gel cells another. AGM batteries can use the same charge profile, hence the same charger, as flooded cell batteries. AGM batteries can take a much higher charging current than flooded cell, hence less charge time, but I'm not sure if a stock golf cart charger can take advantage of this capability since there is no way to tell the charger what kind of battery is being charged. Smart charge controllers like those built by Xantrex can and do.
The choice is between flooded cell and AGM batteries. No reason that I know to consider gel cell batteries.
Note the links to manufactures sites at the bottom of the link.
When I replace my batteries I will be considering AGMs, although they are not the best value. I just like simple, reliable, and am willing to pay a premium for much is the question you have to ask yourself.
BTW when I purchased the house batteries for my RV I got them from a distributor for much less than I could elsewhere. The best prices are probably from companies like the one at the link I provided.


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Might I add one thing. The only reason they are long lasting between charges is that their self-discharge rate is much less than flooded cell batteries and they typically have a higher amp-hour rating.
You should ALWAYS put your batteries on a smart charger when they are not in use.
The life of a battery is determined by the number and depth of deep discharges. If you discharge batteries to something like 80% of capacity you might get something like 2000 cycles ( just a guess, the relative numbers are the important thing ) If you discharge them to 50% you might get 500 cycles. Discharging them to 20% of capacity might get you 100 cycles.
Check out the battery info at the link I provided above and you see what I'm talking about.


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This may not be of any benefit, but I just replaced the original Trojan Power Drive (105 minute) golf cart batteries in my 48 volt 2007 Club Car 440 LX with T-875 (117 minute 170 Ah) that has the low profile terminal type “1”. The including free pick up and delivery and sales tax was a total of $840.

I previsoly checked Interstate golf cart batteries and looked at a lot or reviews with the idea of doing the install myself before deciding on Trojans. One concern I had was the terminal types and I did not want to do "work arounds" to save a few dollars. Reviews convinced me that Trojans were a better buy.

The "no maintenance" gel batteries I checked were a lot more expensive and I just don't have a problem with 10 minutes a month and no corrosion if maintance is done right.

I also use distilled water which is probably not necessary but the owner's manaul suggests it so I consider it a "no brainer".

I wouldn't use the golf cart wattering system if you gave me one.

Everyone has their opinion and this is mine.


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Thanks for all the comments and advice... I called the company that makes the AGM batteries that I was interested in and based on comments from the technical staff..The main comparison is the AH / hours.


Trojan T1250 - 20 hr rate AH is 150

AGM UB121100 - 20 hr rate AH is 110

Interstate 12VGC - Could not find.

Basically you get less power from the AGM battery per charge


Trojan T1250 - $185 (plus tax in GA)

AGM UB121100 - $235 (no tax via internet)

Interstate 12VGC - $209 (plus tax in GA)


Trojan - 82 pounds

AGM - 71 pounds

Interstate - 86 pounds

So at this point, the AGM is out because of the power limitations, it really comes down to the Trojan and Interstate and you get different opinions which is good that there are options out there...

Again thanks for al the input!


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There are many companies making AGM batteries. What brand of agm batteries?
How far are you looking to go on a charge with your golf cart?


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The brand on the AGM battery was "MK Powered"

Basically as much as 10 hours between charges is what I would like to do but am using the original Trojan T1275 golf cart batteries that were installed in the cart at manufacturing. 2008 Club Car, date of manufacture was August 2007.

They are on able to get about 7 - 8 hours at this point. I bought the cart used and have no feel as to how long I can go with new batteries. I was doing some investigation into what would be best, and had never heard of AGM batteries but thought the sealed, no maintenance batteries would be great - no leaks, not need to worry about having to add water, etc...

But I tend to over analyze stuff anyway... at least my wife tells me that... :rolleyes: