Toyota 22re timing chain replacement


I'm in the middle of replacing the timing chain in my 91 Toyota pickup.

Thought I had set the engine to TDC based on reading the directions:

"19. Set the engine to Top Dead Center. With the vehicle in neutral turn the crank by until the timing guide 0 (ZERO) is lined up with the notch in the pulley. Now you should see that the cam gear notches are at the top and that the raised rib on the crank is also at the top."

I followed these directions but now when I went to put the new chain on the bright links won't line up with the dimples in the gears because it turns out somehow both the camshaft and crank gear are in the 6:00 position.

I must have missed this step early on during the dismantling process:

"7. Remove the Distributor.
It is a very good idea to ensure the engine is at TDC prior to removing the distributor. Set #1 piston to the top of it's stroke and the cam gear mark up (12:00 position) and the crank gear mark down (6:00 position)."

How can I set it in the correct position at this point with the chain off?


You should be able to bring # 1 to TDC by turning the crank then turn the cam until the mark on the cam gear is lined up.


Is that all there is to it? Thanks HRC, way more helpful than the Toyota forums!!
Just thinking if the cam and crank are both at 6:00 now, does that mean its at TDC of the exhaust stroke but we are looking for TDC of the compression stroke? How do you know its in the right position, when the cam gear mark is 12:00 and the crank 6:00?

I didn't pay any attention to the distributor position when I took it out. At worst will it just cause the engine to run poorly if the timings way off?


What you want is number one piston on TDC. Then align the cam mark. As far as the distributer goes once you have the chain on correctly turn the engine with your finger in the #1 plug hole. When you feel the compression blowing your finger turn the engine until the marks are on on TDC then drop the distributer in with the rotor aiming at # 1 plug wire on the cap. You'll still need to set the timing with a timing light but that will get you close enough so the engine starts.


Ok I gotcha. I think the timing chain is on right now. Once we have the #1 piston TDC, does the last bit of perfectly aligning the cam and crank happen when the 2 miscolored chain links are on the mark on the gears?

Is this step crucial in the operation of the timing chain? How much tension should there be on the drivers side? I have set maybe 1/4" of slack.

"Read the next paragraph for more on proper chain alignment & tension.
*Chain tension placement is crucial in making the guide install easy.
Since the engine rotates in a clockwise pattern the driver side should have the most tension and the passenger side the slack.
If you look at the way the guides install you will see the driver's side has virtually no slack and the passenger side has a lot.
To achieve this you need to find the proper alignment of the chain on the gears then very carefully preload the cam gear/valves by placing a punch in the hole on the top the cam and twisting the cam ever so slightly clock wise to get the cam gear on.
Afterit's on very gently twist it back to the original position which will tighten up the chain on the drivers side. "


That I can't help you with Ace... I've never done a timing chain on that particular engine. I would say the chain tension is crucial so I'd talk with someone who knows Toyota's