Towing Golf Cart With a Trailer


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I hear you ole boys about the hitch on Ford trucks, but they found one to fit my truck. I think it came off a broke down GMC. :dazed::rotflmao:
I think they're all about the same animal nowadays lol. Except for the special ed step I have in my tailgate :rotflmao:I use it often lol


Thanks I will try that, because half the time I am bull:censored:ting and just assume I am going the set speed and look down when I am crawling and realize I am all but walking speed. :cool::cool:


JRay my neighbor has a new RAM and it is nice and comfortable. DS you are correct on the new tailgate like is on your truck has to be the best design so far. I have a step and handle built in my ford but not nearly as useable as the new GMC tailgate. The last 8 new trucks I had has been diesel until this one I went back to gas because of the problems I keep having with them. After they dropped the 7.3 motor in 2003 just never got a good one


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I've owned them all. I personally think the gmc's have more creature comforts. I got a 19 at4 with the 6.2 in half ton. 10 speed trans. The thing is ridiculous as for power and more cameras than I have on the house :rotflmao:
My job truck is a 2017 GMC 2500 . Thats the truck I would buy if I were to buy one. GMC is the best looking truck out there IMO.