too fast


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I have an old Club Car 36v. It has been running normal up until last week and now it goes into a high speed when the pedal is barely pushed, the cart bangs into a high speed. I do feel one higher speed when I push the pedal down as far as it will go. My son who has worked on carts in the past came to live with me. Could he have done something so it will go faster?


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you didn't say what year the cc is but I will take a stab at it. Sounds like you have a resistor coil cart, if the resistor coils are bypassed it will start off in fast, what the resistors do is allow the current to flow to the motor in a controlled way so that the cart will gain speed incremently and evenly, once the cart is at full speed the resistors are taken out of the current loop, therefore if you bypass the resistor coils the cart will be in fast from the get go.