Tomberlin Golf Cart Problem Review


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Tomberlin golf cart problem review. This is not the cart so disappointed. The dealer service in Orange County missed the service trip 2 times. They did not showed up without any notice The charger plug was melted down for over heating in the garage I can not unplug the socket so I cut the power line and connected hot wire' Lucky no fire...

The roof frame was broken I complained to the factory They said my 2 speaker was so heavy??? It is not the movie theater speakers So I hired the welder and paid $400.00 The steering hydraulic pressure is not stable it was lock several times so i turned power on and off few times I had a Club car for 20 years but not this problems Before you buy this cart please consider these matter specially dealer service



Sorry to hear about the problems with your Tomberlin. They've has all kinds of problems with those carts from day one. Good luck getting them to fix it and let us know how it goes. Welcome to Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum. :hattip:


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Tomberlin is assembled in Augusta Georgia. That's as close to US made as they can get. Chia made. :hattip: