Toggle Speed Selection on PDS Chip?


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Hello All !!

First of all let me say that this forum is great, and full of valuable knowledge to a noob like me.

I have a 2001 EZ-Go TXT, PDS cart with the Freedom chip (in transit). My question is, is it possible to select various modes of operation by installing toggle switches on each of the wires on the chip to achieve custom speed control? If so, what type of switch would you recommend, and do you have any other tips/information I need before attempting this mod?

Thanks in advance, and thank you all for your contributions here.


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The only thing ive seen like that would be wiring a solinoid into the speed system. This acts like a turbo button. I dont know how to wire it but i know its doable. The one bad thing is it tends to burn up controllers on the pds carts.


You can use toggle switches to change the controller modes. Andy sells a kit with everything you need to do it. It's a pretty simple setup if you want to make your own...


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HRC, where can i get this kit, or find out how to set it up? I havn't heard of this set up, but I can see where it is possible


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When I was running the stock controller I did that with two toggle switches and it work fine. I had the speed and torque set up. Still have the switches but they are running my rockcrawlwer wheel lights