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I don't want to sound stupid, but I think I need new tires. I say think because I dont know if my tires are tubeless or if they have a tube. The tires are Carlisle Trail Pro's 22x11-10.

One tire has always gone flat after about a week or so, I and have just been refilling. Since it has been sitting for past month (too cold to use) another tire is flat. It looks like one of the tires is brand new with a lot of tread, the other are between bald and half tread. So If I do replace I would replace 3 of 4, if they have a tube I would only replace one tire and two tubes.

I had the same problem with one of my carts with a tubeless tire. Air was seeping around the bead, I thought if I drove it it would eventually seal, but didn't. You might have the same problem if yours is tubeless, take an old windex spray bottle and fill it with water with a little dish washing soap and spray the beads to leak check and do the tread area to make sure there is no leaks there. Being basically lazy, I put a small bottle of Slime ( any automotive store has it ) in it and rolled the tire all around to coat the inside real good, so far it's holding. Hope this helps.

Oh..... If you change your own tires and tubes, make damn sure the tube is not twisted in the tire and is right side up, when you put air in it the valve stem will get sucked inside the rim then you are SCREWED!!! I learned the hard way on this one on a day I was not too heads up. LOL!!!


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If it is a bead leak you can also let the air out of the tire. Withif off the cart put a little brake fluid on the bead for anhour or so this will soften the bead and allow it to seal. Used this on old heavy farm equipment many time.


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I use the green Slime sold at most parts stores in my tires and don't loose any air and they cliam it will seal new punctures. I use it as a piece of mind when I go off roading. Last thing I want is a flat a couple of miles a way from civilization.


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I sell this product and of course it is the best I've seen

It really is some good stuff, I have customers using it in everything from lawn-mowers to school buses.


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I use slime in my cart tires and in my tractor tires. I'm not sure if its rubber but it has small black pieces of something in it. Do you sell the red stuff by the gallon? How much?