Tired of messing with this thing!!!!!!


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Just purchased a Buggies Unlimited speed kit for my 97 DCS.Any opinions on this kit.How fast does a stock DCS go and what kind of difference will I gain?Thanks


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How fast did your cart go before?
What kit did you purchase?
What is included in the kit?
Is your cart 36v or upgraded to 48v?


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It's a 97 EZ GO DCS 36v,don't know how fast it went before,I drag race so didn't seem all that fast,that why I was asking if anyone knew how fast they go stock.tkq ez3 sk kit.If you go to buggiesunlimited.com you can check out the parts supplied.Let me know what you think.Thanks


Stock speed would be about 12 MPH. As far as I know BU is now using D&D motors and Alltrax controllers in their kits so it should be a decent setup...