Tire Options for a Lifted Golf Cart


I'm searching for new golf cart tires for a lifted golf cart and would like to find a set that I won't have to worry about driving on the road with and still performs well off road. My tire of choice has always been the Mudlites. I like how they look and how they ride off road but I'm tired of them wearing so fast when on road. I'd say most my riding is 75% off road and 25% on road.
I do like the idea of the 27x9.5 R14 Super Swamper SSR truck tires being rated at 50,000+ miles as they would probably be the last set my cart ever sees. I just think the tire being 8" wide will look funny. What is your favorite on/off road tire?


I like the All Trails. They hold up well for road driving and do a good job on the trails. The only down side is they don't work to well in soft mud.