Tire Chains


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I have an '84 Club Car Electric.
I heat my house with wood.
I use the golf cart to pull a utility cart when I cut down dead trees for firewood.
I have agricultural tires on the rear.
Normally I can work in up to 3 or 4 inches of snow.
But we had freezing rain a few weeks ago and the cart just spins on the ice that is still under the snow.
I want to install tire chains.
Apparently only the passenger side wheel gets power,
so why put a chain on the other wheel?
Also steering is a problem.
How about chains on the front tires?


You have a open rear end so both rear wheels will spin but not at the same time. It depends on the terrain and which tire is getting the most traction. As far as the front tires and steering on ice your going to have problems either way with or without chains.