Tips and Tricks for Working on Golf Carts


I removed my steering wheel center by slightly flaring a piece of 3" tubing to insert into the openings and tapped with a hammer to release the pins.
Removing the card clip (optional) i super glued rare earth magnets to the center back thus giving me a place to hold my phone with a fender washer glued to the back of it.
GPS Speedometer and radio just looking at me.
A little undercoating sprayed on the phones washer and wheel centerpiece helped keep it from slipping as well as a fresh finished look on the center plastic.
Snap back in...job complete.


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Run an accessory fuseblock off from the keyed on switch to shut off all your (optional and other)electrical componets with just a turn of the key saving you from a dead battery
I'm going to do this. My 91 club cart has a prewired small fuse block running off the battery instead of the on switch. Should save an accidental dead battery as you suggest. Cheers -