Time to replace my cart


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I bought a 2000 48 v Club Car back in 2010 and it has served me well, but it's time to move on. It was a work cart at a marina, so had a pretty hard life before I got it. Now it lives on easy street. I do stuff like this:


Well, I fill the trailer, of course. I also use it for smallish boats at our community ramp.

I know I'm asking a lot by towing such things with it, but have been doing it for years and will continue.

Looking at my cart from front to rear, I want to retain the following.
Rod holders.
Largish tires/lift kit to retain at least that ground clearance.
Top with windshield.
(Above and behind seat) Sirius radio (requiring 12 v power)
Ability to mount 15 gallon sprayer (requiring 12 v power too)
Ability to tow inappropriately large trailers, including up a boat ramp.
My neighbor said he clocked us at 17 mph. I don't want it any slower.

New things I want:
4 forward facing seats. If there's a fold-down seat behind them, it will likely be folded flat and used as a work platform like mine is now. I'd rather have a box or something, as long as I can mount my sprayer. Don't care much about the 5th and 6th seats. I just don't want to have to remove my tools/sprayer/whatever when I have more than one passenger.
Longer wheelbase, should come with the above and I want that for a smoother ride.
If the suspension can be made to ride smoother and still retain the ability to tow inappropriately large trailers, I want that. But I'm going to tow...

Possibly lithium batteries? When pulling the 14' skiff up the ramp, I can't have a passenger in the cart and if someone else is there I make them get out and push. It can pull the boat up the ramp, but not with a lot to spare. If the cart batteries were lighter, that would help. I'm also about tired of maintaining battery water levels and dealing with the corrosion that happens when a vented cap spills a bit. I know lithium batteries are expensive but don't know if they might be worth it.

I'm open to buying new or used. Just looking for suggestions that will meet my needs. Electric only. I have enough gas and diesel engines to look after and love the quiet.


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Update: I found that new carts meeting my needs are very hard to come by so I picked up this used one. It's ten years old, but really the frame and fiberglass parts are that old and everything else has been modified.

It has some fancy California "speed package" with a motor and controller that will make it go 30 mph. That's frightening on my bumpy paths.

It doesn't quite make it up the boat ramp with that 14' skiff, but did with my wife pushing. My conclusion: it needs to lose a few hundred pounds so I'm shopping for lithium batteries.



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It's a Curtis controller and my local golf cart shop thinks their computer can reprogram it. I expect for them to be able to get to it around May or June when anyone who can afford to leave our area for the summer does so.

Meanwhile, I have a more immediate problem. Broke the front spring. It looked like this:


See how that spring is two layers thick on one side, but only one on the other?

The golf cart shop had never seen one lifted like this and can't help me find a replacement spring. I went to the trailer shop, but they had never seen such a spring. The guy there did say that those look like ATV A-Arms, so I went to the ATV shop. They had never seen a spring like this one. I went to NAPA Auto Parts, where they had never seen a spring like this one. The guy there did give me the number of a couple of spring manufacturers.

Before I go having one custom built, has anyone ever seen a spring like that? Know where I could get a couple of replacements?


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The weight problem got a little worse when I found a used dump bed and stuck it on there. That meant adding a heavy trailer receiver extension.


And it actually got even worse since that photo because the canvas top was replaced with a ten foot long fiberglass panel.


I think this front spring from Allsports will work. You might want to measure it from center to center then call Allsports to verify.
They also carry heavy duty rear springs.


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That does look like the spring I need. After further searching, the A-Arms on this lift kit look like one by Jake's, so I contacted them. They also have a spring that might be right, but for a bit more money.

Not sure what is meant by a 6-8 week "lead time" on that site. If it means I don't get a spring for two months, that won't work.

I work at home and could tolerate it if my car was broken for weeks, if not months. It frequently sits for days.

My property is sizable and everything is spread out. The mailbox is about a 20 minute round trip walk. My cart gets used throughout the day, every day, and I really can't keep house without it. The front end has been up on a wooden block for two days now and things are starting to fall apart. At this point, it's name your fastest shipping price and I'll pay it.


Allsports should have the springs in stock and should be able to ship them right away. I believe the 6-8 week lead time is for special/custom orders.


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I went ahead and ordered a spring and replacement bushings from Jakes. Should get here today and I'll have it put back together by tonight.


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The broken spring and the new one:


So they're similar, but not the same. I mounted the new one anyway. Now the front end of my cart is an inch or two high. Wondering who will sell me shorter bolts on New Years Day?