Tilt steering wheel columns


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I was crusing around the internet tonight and I came across this info: Tilt Steering Columns for Carts. I requested a catalog. I'm sure they don't come cheap.


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Come on Gonzo; buy one and install before Memoril day so I can see if I want one.


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Were getting these in at my shop and i will offer them for alot less then 500$ give me a few weeks and ill have a bunch and show you some prices!


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Top shafts of all columns are the same as a 1969 or newer GM passenger car.

Club Car:
*1984-91 Steel Tilt 1129200110 $396.67
*1984-91 Chrome Tilt 1129200120 $513.33
*1992-04 Steel Tilt 1129200010 $396.67
*1992-04 Chrome Tilt 1129200020 $513.33
*These columns do not fit the "Precedent" series.

E-Z Go:
Steel Tilt Column - 4-Bolt mount 1129400010 $478.34
Chrome Tilt Column - 4-Bolt mount 1129400020 $595.00
Steel Tilt Column - 3-Bolt mount 1129401010 $478.34
Chrome Tilt Column - 3-Bolt mount 1129401020 $595.00

Steel Tilt - Early Carts: G9, G14, G16, and G19 1129600010 $449.17
Chrome Tilt - Early Carts: G9, G14, G16, and G19 1129600020 $565.83
Steel Tilt - G22 and GMAX 1129600110 $449.17
Chrome Tilt - G22 and GMAX 1129600120 $565.83


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that looks slicker than owl s#!t..i want one..it aint fair teasin us like that..i will have one this year sometime..nice pics,john