Thumbs Very Far Down to Apple


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well today i tried to get help apple to fix my itunes

1st guy: did not know the difference between control panel and internet explore "yeah... just go to internet explore and click the control panel and try to find add an remove hardware" it took me 20 minutes to tell him he was very wrong...

2nd guy: litteraly told my i have to burn $50 because apples software was not working. unless i could get back my stolen itouch because it was still under warrenty. but even then it would still cost me $30.

just needed to let off some steam, and warn you guys not to waste ypur money with apple.
WOW!!! Finally someone that feels my pain! I bought a macbook pro and the screen broke within a year ($2500 bone!) Then I bought the time capsule which is apple's wireless router and external hardrive. When it finally broke I called apple within three months after I bought it and they kept saying that it was my internet :thumbdown: Turns out it wasnt!! I went out and bought a $50 router and guess what it worked!! Next of all my Iphone broke 3days after my one warranty and they would do nothing for me... and try to go buy an iphone and having no insurance! :no: Oh yeah they don't offer any insurance on the iphone!! :wallbash:



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Yea $2500 would have gotten you 5 times better laptop with windows 7 on it
also you can replace the screen on the MacBook for fairly cheap if you aren't afraid to
watch some YouTube videos on how to replace your screen


i have used both apple and pc both work sorry you had to have such a bad experience. i've been using a macbook pro for quite a while with no problems.... changing the screen out isn't that hard. as with anything some times chit just happens