Throttle question


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I am new to the forum and have read through all the posts on speeding up stock carts. Here is where I am:
When I bought my cart it was super slow and the pedal would not engage the throttle until it was nearly half way down.
I adjusted the cable out of the black box leaving just about 1/8 in of thread showing. This drastically increased my top end speed however I had no slow speed. It seemed as though i couldnt go under 8 - 10 mph. I then read about adjusting the throttle linkage out. I took mine off and was able to loosen one end of it and bring it out about 1/4 of an inch. I was not able to loosen the other end with the tools I had at the time. I re-installed the linkage and got the throttle to pick up much earlier. I can get the slow speed now like I need in the camp ground, and I dont have to push the pedal as far now to get it to start.
Now, the problem is when I do want to hold it wide open, it gets to top speed and cuts back, then goes back up and cuts back. I am assuming this is hitting the governor. I would like to be able to hold the pedal to the floor and get max speed without the cutting out. Where is my adjustment for that? Do I need to take some cable back in the box?



This post should help answer all of your questions.
Club Car Throttle Cable and Governor Adjustment