Throttle problem??


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I have worked on some of these in the past. This had clutch prob's and carb probs...all fixed now. But when you push the gas and the engine fires up, it will not run at variable speed...just wide open. What should I be looking for to get a smoother variable speed?

Thanks in advance- I am a newbie to the site, and I appreciate any info I can get from here.

(I am a small engine mechanic that repairs lawn mowers, 2-stroke engines, ATV's, etc. and I hail from West Atlanta, GA) Glad to be a part of this forum, and I hope it helps me along the way as I expand my business into other vehicles. (Golf carts being among the newest items I am taking in).


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i would check to make sure that the throttle butterfly is completely closed when the starter is first engaged.


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sounds like the throttle cable is wide open so when step on the peddle and when the micro switch is tripped the carb is wide open..... i have had this problem many times....


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Exactly! Not to mention, although I haven't removed the carb yet, there seems to be a lack of travel on the throttle butterfly. My second mechanic done this job, so I'm cleaning up after him. I have fixed one of these before with terrific results...hopefully I can figure out what the problem is.

BTW, I also think the drive belt sides are worn out causing a torque problem (thinner worn belt would cause that wouldn't it?) Since the belt slides up and down between the pulley's at different levels. This belt doesn't look thick enough to achieve the desired results.


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BTW, thanks yall for hosting this site. This should be very helpful, since my business has expanded into golf carts and EZ-Go's, etc.