THis 93 Marathon is still driving me nuts - I need


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And the saga continues. I rebuilt the motor, did a valve job, new fuel pump, new coil with wires, re-checked the valve gap, and still I go to take off & no power. Now I have a miss. I pulled it into the shop pulled the air filter out & ran it & it is popping a little through the carb. I also had a little wetness of gas in the airbox at the carb, and the #2 cylinder plug(driver side) is dry but black in color. I checked both plugs & they have a nice blue spark. Both plugs were brand new. About the only thing I didn't do to this so far is rebuild the carb. I took it apart & cleaned it real good, and everything looked good. Are there any certain problems with these carbs ? When I jack the wheels off the ground and put it gear the clutch engages and runs fine, but when I go to drive it there is very little power. I need to get this up & running for my little girl, and any help anyone can give me I would greatly greatly greatly appreciate.


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no power and popping through the carb sounds like its running lean, are you sure the fuel pump is pumping enough fuel. what is the compression


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I checked the compression after I rebuilt it and it was good. I pulled the fuel line & ran it into a can, and it looked like it was feeding gas fine. I'm thinking a valve problem, but I just did the valve job & after I rebuilt the motor I adjusted the valves at .004 like the manual calls for. Should I go a little loose on the valve like say .006 ?


I would check the valve lash again. The older EZGO intake valves had a hardened coating on them. If you cut the valve or the valve is worn you remove the coating and wind up with intake valves that will keep sinking further into the valve seat. If the intake valves keep getting tight that may be your problem. I may be totally off here but that's what I would check first. If you replaced the intake valves something else is probably causing the problem.


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Plugs are cheap. Either swap 1 & 2 or replace them. Easy peace of mind. Check the fuel pick up tube/line at the tank.


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Ok I adjusted the valves again, but this time I went to .006. I took the cart for a quick spin & it ran much better. Before I took the cart out I took the blackened plug out & sand blasted it & blew it out with air, and after I came back it wasn't black. I still have a slight pop from the carb, so I'm going to keep a eye on the valves to see if the adjustment changes like Hotrod said it might. One thing is for sure I'm getting closer to getting this thing right, and I really appreciate all the help from you guys.