Thinkin' about 1992 EZGO Opinions & Advice

I'm hopefully going to look at a '92 EZ GO this weekend. Anything specific I should look for or be aware of? What's the stock compression #'s for this type of motor? He's asking $1,200. I have not seen a picture as of yet.

Here's what the guy had to say:

"Golf cart is a 1992 (pretty sure on the year let me verify for sure) EZ-GO, two cylinder, gas 4 stroke, 9hp engine. Plain aluminum wheels. Tweed seat covers. No top, Stock height. It has a single taillight on the basket and aftermarket driving lights for headlights. body is very good. Mechanicals are subjective from person to person. I use/used it to tow dragster around in pits. Has never given me any problems. Starts right away, runs like a top."

Any thoughts?



Nice looking cart!!
I'd say its well worth the asking price. I believe the compression should be 150-160...


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nice lookin cart, I think its worth that price being its a 4 stroke cart. you could sell it in parts for that much money