They stole it for a joyride


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Well, went out yesterday AM and my golf car was gone. Reported it stolen (there are a number of golf cars in my lake neighborhood but mine is the most 'customized.' Local police found it one hour later about a mile away in the woods. We think some kids used if for a late night joyride (several other golf cars at a local marina/campground were also 'moved' during the night). They dumped mine on the left side on a paved road (we found the skid marks and some things from my car in the road) trashing the left diamond tread running board, scratching the top, and breaking the windshield. Actually, the damage wasn't too bad and I hope one of the punks broke his arm or something. Police did lift some good prints from the windshield and the top where they apparently lifted the car back to its wheels. They will also be checking some video from the marina security camera system.

Anyway, they had a EZGO key and left the key in the ignition no less
. So, has anyone here installed some sort of ignition lock or hidden switch to prevent theft, since we all know that any EZGO key will fit any of these cars?


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sorry to hear about your mishap but at least you got it back and not a total loss..what goes around comes around.they wont get anywhere in life doing these things very long..they will grow up and hopefully learn someday like we all did.john


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A hidden switch in the solenoid control circuit will disable the cart. Sorry you got screwed, hopefully it won't cost too much to make it right again.


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take a look at the club steering wheel lock that you can find at any auto parts store to see if it will fit your steering wheel or just mount you a hidden toggle switch that you can turn off it would be like pulling a fuse. there are also other types and styles of steering wheel locks available.


EZGO makes a key switch that uses a unique key. That's another option. It may not stop someone from taking your cart but it will slow them down a little. I'd go with a new key switch and a hidden kill switch...


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I like HRC's last suggestion of both the kill switch and the key switch. (You could also add a "retina scan" or "voice recognition"!)


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I will ask the local EZGO dealer about the unique key switch. I plan to also add a hidden switch in the solenoid circuit.

My wife talked me into buying insurance on the car when we got it and my deductible is $100. Windshield will be about $125, new running boards about $185 (can't buy just one board) so I may just file the claim.


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I replaced my key switch with a after market auto type switch. In our area people carry around keys for Club Car and Ezego so that they can pick any cart handy? At least in our case the cart cant leave the park because of gate guards.


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i have a solution to thieves and there evil ways, but you will have to pm me for details, remember the old way to get night crawlers out of the ground? buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

it works!