The Wife's Golf Cart project...


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I'm disappointed that the lifted cart didn't come out of paint today, so I thought I'd post pics of the wife's newest project golf cart. I let her handle some of the custom jobs. This one started out as a 93 CC 36V. I had enough stuff laying around from 48V CCs to convert it over to 48V, and the 6V batteries were shot anyway. So I made it 48V, and she had our graphic design shop create and apply PINK LEOPARD PRINT VINYL WRAP! She's crazy, I know.... We also have custom seats and upholstery coming for this one, which will arrive Friday. Today I installed the simple SS wheel covers and a Jensen marine stereo with auxilliary input, and it's Sirius satellite radio ready. I couldn't find hardly ANYWHERE to install the speakers on a CC. Normally, I put them by the shifter in an EZ GO, but this is the first I've put in a CC. I had to put them in the fender wells above the rear wheels.... It sounds pretty sweet, though. Question: The radio is made to work off of 12V. On a 36V, I hook it up series across 2 batteries. On this 48V, I meant to order a voltage reducer from the pack voltage down to 12V, but I forgot. So....I hooked it up across 2 batteries at 16V, and it works fine for now. I'm just hoping that when I charge it, and pack voltage gets a lot higher, it won't burn something up. I feel pretty confident that it wont...What do you guys think? It's nowhere near finished. It still needs to be detailed, seats and upholstery installed, aluminum trim polished, tires shined, etc.






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Without bag well liner. I think ya need to put the voltage reducer in.
Nice lookin' build. :hattip:


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I think that's a good idea, dirtysouth. Thanks for the feedback! I'll post pics once it looks like something and gets put back together with new seats, etc.