The need for speed?


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I'm looking at Yamaha...maybe an EZ-GO, in a gas engine and plan to make it a street legal machine. I've built VW engines from the ground up and can make modifications, if it's necessary.

I don't want to get silly with the speed thing, but was thinking that 35 to 45 mph would be a reasonable top speed for a golf cart.

What kind of speed can I expect to attain out of one of these carts?
Will putting a lift kit and taller tires help it go faster?
Are engine mods a bad idea or a common sense application?

Your opinions and experiences are appreciated.
Thank you, Outdoorguy57
I had a lifted E-Z-GO and had put the 8:1 gears in the rear end. I think my top speed was around 34-36 with that. If you go with the 6:1 you will generate more speed.