The Medalist does not float.

Just came back from camping again. I was going through a flooded section of trail, at first the water level was ok for the 5" lifted medalist but just as I was getting to the other side it dropped.
Water came up to about 1/2" over the floorboard and the motor stalled. I have a fresh air intake about an inch above the floor board. I kept my foot on the pedal and could hear the exhaust air fart through the muffler even though the motor wasn't running. My buddy and some other off roaders pushed it out. I hit the choke and she fired right up and away we went. Checked the oil latter and didn't appear to have any water in it. Ran great the whole rest of the weekend, don't know if I will have any problems with it next month. Did it matter keeping the motor turning over?
I wonder of the coils got wet to shut it off.
From an ATV background always keep it running if you can...


I'd clean and repack the front wheel bearings and check the rearend to make sure you didn't get any water in it. Other than that I wouldn't worry about it.
Wish I had a video of it.
The back passengers (one was a dog, yes a real dog) got sprayed with water as soon as the motor hit the water. She fired right up again after that, slipping the belt the first 50 feet and then away we went like nothing ever happened. I'm amazed at what that old cart will do.
Thanks for the input guys.