The Gun Cart


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Hi all,

New here, but I just got a plain jane 2004 ezgo w/new batts.

I plan on using this for shooting competitions. Mainly uspsa or idpa pistol, but I also shoot 3-gun whenever I can.

I plan on putting one of those "clays baskets" on the front for pistol bag, and I must be able to mount long guns, with muzzle up/down, no horizontal options please, and maybe a basket or box of some sort on the back.

I thought of maybe an open top wooden box??? Don't know, but will think it out before I do anything.

here is a pic. Let me know if you guys/girls have any ideas.



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This is what I have done sofar.

I built the rear equipment trays myself.

Still need some more long gun racks, also I have a front basket, a "clays" basket on the way.

Hope you all like.




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I evaluated the risk of this configuration.

The ranges that I have used have no trees at all, so the risk of something hitting this is basically zilcho.
It would be a different story if I were to use it in the woods or something.

Red Cent

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This old clunker holds 20 long guns, carries four, our equipment, and a big ice chest. There is a front step/foot rest that folds down in front. Has two fans and we install a 9' (around) umbrella for heat or rain. Looks like Mary Poppins but it does gather a crowd in heat or rain.


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I would post pictures but cant figure it out. go to scabbard technology they make a bolt on scabbard for your cart. if you would like to see mine pm me your email address and i will send pictures to you.