The Coolest Little League Coach With a Golf Cart




Before and afters. All mods completed by myself and done in under 8 months. I am very involved in my towns little league and we have (myself, other coaches and parents) been dragging the fields by hand....which sucks! I got the Club Car in a trade for some electrical work on some older mans house. Since then its been painted, seats reupholstered, all new 6v Interstate batteries, 6" spindle lift, tires and wheels package, brush guard with headlights, dash with locking glove boxes and way more that I can't think of right now. After all the money I've poured into this thing it runs like a champ and serves its purpose. I can drive it to the schools from my house and drag both fields multiple times throughout a day and drive it home with no problems. I love it, my kids love it and my wife HATES IT! I have learned alot about carts through this forum and others and thank you all for the questions and answers. I will continue to be the coolest coach in my little league and hopefully more will try to out do me. My next cart build is coming soon. Keep rockin the GOLF CARTS!