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First, thanks to HRC for putting a Hyundia section here so I could post my cart.
It is a 1992 (??) Hyundia cart with an 8 1/2 hp Suzuki engine. We origially bought the cart to tow our jr dragster. It would sag a little on the back when someone sat there so I was looking on the net for a fix and came upon a site were there was lifted golf carts, and the rest as they say, is history.
The cart is lifted 7" in the back and 6" in the front. It has 22x11x8 ATV tires mounted on the stock wheels with 1/4" wheel spacers made by me so the wheels would not rub on the steering arms.The rear clutch spring is wound 1 turn tighter so it doesn't fly out so quickly (I can't seem to find an aftermarket spring that will work).
I fabricated the lift kit as well as the front and rear bumpers, rear seat,trailer hitch and dash for the radio and a custom exhaust system.
I also made mounts to move the swingarm back 1" so the rear wheels would be center in the wheel well with the liftkit installed.


Your welcome Mark. Congratulations on being the first one to post here in this section. Your Cart looks GREAT as usual, and you already know how I like the Jr Dragster pics


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hey i just picked up a Hyundia,dont no year sorry but it has a 8.5 suzuki gas motor in hard was it to build ur own lift kit? an do u have demensions on it?i bought it for 300$ from an older couple ,that sat in a barn under cover runs like a champ,needs painted thats all


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hyundai lifts are same.
as yahama g-2, maybe need to redneck engineer aa little bit, but I think most just bolt on


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hey man good looking hyundai i have a 1991 gas w/the suzuki 8.5hp that i also bought for $300 that came with and extra motor and i cant get any kind of spark. i got compression and fuel. does any one have a wiring diagram and or can take a picture on the engine bay of theirs so i can map out the wires. thanks [email protected]