testing volt reg. and genorator


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How do I test voltage regulator and generator to see witch is bad? I have 12.3 at batt. & about the same at the gen. New batt.
thanks for any help.


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what year is the cart? i,m not certain on testing the S/G as very rarly do they go bad so my advice would be to change the voltage regulator......a quick test is with the cart in maintence mode put your voltage meter probes on correct battery posts and start cart and slowly rev engine up your meter will have battery voltage and will drop to approx 11.2 volts when 1st starting but as your revving it should slowly rise to anywhere between 13.9 and 15.3 volts anything lower or higher change voltage regulator................if your sure the battery is good and its not a 12 volt lawn tractor battery.........if your not sure about the battery have it load tested as even a new battery can be bad...................................


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Hey thanks,
My cart is a 95 and I checked it the way you told me and a friend came by when I was checking. he told me to take the small yellow wire off at gen. and jump to ground and test at batt. motor running (17 volts ) both test told me gen. working. Changed V/R. All is good!
What is the deal with lawn equipment batteries?



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GC's are aways startin' and stoppin' so unless your trail or road ridin' they won't last long. start addin' lights bla bla and pretty soon the regulator burns out, at least thats how i learn't


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If you have a volt ohm meter just put the black lead of the meter on ground and the red lead of the meter on the positive battery post. Next put the meter on DC Volts. Start the engine, bring it up to about 1200 RPM's and see if the meter shows and increase in voltage over what the battery showed with the engine off.