Testing the Race Cart


I took what was on the Mud Buggie and mounted on the cart. I don't have them like I want them but for now they will do. I need to weld some up to be more user friendly. :rotflmao:

Pimp Daddy

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Had a blast at Shady Side today watching "Team Fisher" test and tune.The cart kept getting stronger with each run. Here are a couple of pics.




Thanks P/D you the MAN!!! Picture MAN!!!! Thanks to both Pimp Daddy and Superman! Had a blast with you all today and thanks for all you did!
Our best was 56.742 MPH @ 10.707 seconds so we are in the 10 second club now. Shooting for low tens now. Got to get the front end down though and have to fab some bars for it soon!


Thanks everyone. I couldn't do without Ryan though. He is really becoming a good driver and he is learning what to do and not to! :cool:


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I think we've already shown our ability too move forward. As long as folks like rifturd and the butcher throw stones from jonestown, the chances of things going the way they were are minimal. We sure as hell don't need them to move forward.


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there ya go PD draggin' up old threads again its ok for you though?
its quite clear that the plum quick Kool Aid has drove ole andy off his rocker all he needs to do is start thinking on his own and maybe he'll see the light as others have, its up to him