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TBI Warrior

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Hi All,

If your wondering what TBI stands for, its Traumatic Brain Injury. It's not me, but my 23 year old daughter.

When my daughter was 20 she was hit by a car and suffered a severe Diffuse Axonal Traumatic Brain Injury. Her MRIs showed her brain looking like a golf ball, from all the bruises/dead spots. She spent a month in a coma, another month in a vegetative state, and the Neurologists told us she would NEVER wake up and NEVER again get out of bed.

Here we are 3 years later and she continues to get stronger, walking with a walker. That's what brings us to being new carters. We received a 2012 Club Car Precedent for her to use as a physical therapy tool, and to give her some freedom around our Cart friendly community.

I want to make it more like actually driving a car for her for therapy purposes, and am hoping to eventually add a complete LED light kit, radio and speakers, seat belts, etc.... The more like a real car, the better for retraining her brain, in preparing her to drive again someday. If you look close, you'll notice her walker on the back of her cart.

She complains that it is slow, since it only clocks at 11 miles an hour, so speed and other upgrade ideas, would be appreciated. We are on a limited budget, as everything goes to her care and therapy.

Links to ideas, and websites are greatly appreciated.




Sorry to hear about your daughter but it's good to hear the doctors were wrong about her chances for recovery.

Your Club Car Precedent is a IQ system and can be programmed for different speeds but it requires a Club Car dealer or someone who has a programmer to make the changes.
If it's only running 11 mph it's probably set on speed setting one. There's a speed setting 2,3,4 and I've heard of speed setting 5 also. My Precedent is set on speed setting 3 and runs 24 mph with 23"tires. With stock 18" tire you would be at around 20 mph on speed setting 3.


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Hotrod I will send you a speed code 5 if you'd like to try it.
A 2012 is most likely I2 or excel what does your serial number start with pH or pq


Thanks for the correct info on the 2012 Precedent Diode. :thumbsup:

What year did Club Car switch to the PH Excel cart?

I was planning on asking you about the speed code 5 for my cart when I bring it home for the winter. :D


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They started in 08 ish and ran along side the IQ to about 2012

Just send me an address when you get your cart I will mail you one