Taylor Dunn


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I have a TD serial 120576, model SS5-36, 24vdc cart with Curtis. that I thought needed a new accelerator module. The old module was hardwired to the trucks harness due to corrosion in the cannon plug. When I tried hooking the new accelerator up, I noticed it had two extra wires on the board by the Hall effect. I don't know what the proper pin out is for my revised accelerator. Can you help? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this unit to confirm the original "hardwire" repair attempt? Symptoms are no travel, no solenoid click. There's a small, what appears to be fuse under the control/keyswitch box. I found it open. There is a diode paralleled to a orange wire, and the other wire which is purple goes to the directional switch. The opposite side of the "fuse" looking thing has a single terminated white pair. I'm really lost with no diagram. Hopefully someone can help me.