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Hey, new guy here.

next door there was a plant business they had about 6 carts there at one time. so they closed up shop. the owner's were about 95yrs old and was just time to retire. these are the last 2 carts they had got them both for 150bux, with 3 chargers.

one im going to scavenge some parts off of. and the other one im going to change it from 3 wheels to 4 wheels and put some 20 to 22" tires on it.

so i have some numbers off each one can anyone tell me what year they are?

this one im going to make 4 wheeled and keep. it runs also! im charging it as we speak and the battery's in it look somewhat new. will know there shape tomorrow when i test them. Model: B0-012-37 Serial # 74933


this one im going to part out for the other taylor, Model 2374-R Serial#68748


drove the 3 wheeler and a battery blew up.... hmm guess they wasn't as good of shape as first thought.

so like said who knows what years they are? good resource info sites on the industrial carts? also any suggestions on electronic controllers i can set up in the one cart? its got a old resistor type but id like electronic. maybe some underside pictures of the Taylor Dunn Model B series 4wheeled trucks?



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according to a chart i found on here the 3 wheeled truck is a 1984 model year and the 4 wheeled beast is a 1981 model year. does that sound right?


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You are correct Sir. As per the manufacturer:

The cart with this serial number was manufactured in 1984.

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