Taking an 89 EZ-GO Driven Clutch Apart

Hey All, another newbie to the forum. I have an 89 EZ 2 cycle driven clutch that I believe has a broken spring, you can move the flange but it won't return closed. Has anybody taken one of these apart? It looks to me like the hub on the back is splined to the shaft on the front half. Can I put it in a press and VERY CAREFULLY try an press the hub off? This is a spare clutch that I'd like to fix just in case. Comet told me the 2 cycle clutches wouldn't work on a 4 cycle engine for whatever reason other than the tapered hub , with nothing to lose I bored the (driver) tapered hole out to 1" straight and mounted it to a 16hp ohv Tecumseh and bolted it in. It dosen't have reverse, but it runs pretty good going forward. I have to take some new pics with more detail of my 84 & 89 EZ carts and will post them ASAP. Thanx for your help in advance, this is a great well organized forum with tons of info, keep up the great work.


You used to be able to rebuild those driven clutches, however you can not. There are no parts to replace the cam and ramp buttons, which are what wears in the case of a non-returning driven clutch. The spring breaks after the cam wears, and the torque over stresses the spring.

If you could find a "good" used driven clutch then you could repair it, but yes it must be for a 3PG and not any of the 4 cycle engines.