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Its been over a year wow! Anyway I have a 78 freedom, it had aftermarket tailights on it but wiring wasn't hooked up, so I messed around and got them to work? Not sure why they worked but did, this a while ago I installed a new ignition switch with headlight blade on it and hooked them up with the kit I bought with a wiring harnes now the headlights work and I am trying to get the tailights /brake lites to work. I have a diagram for a previous cartaholics session but these aftermarket tailights don't have correct color wiring I have a yellow wire coming back toward the wiring, I have a brown wire coming from underneth cart going back to taillights I have a yellow wire coming up from undercart that may go to the horn which was already on cart when I got it I don't even know if it work either. At one point when I first got the cart I was messing around with it and got it to beep very faintly and then nothing. Anyway if someone has a good wiring diagram or can tell me yes you need a diaode for the taillights or can I hook them to the on/off light switch I installed this last year that would be great thanks for you help.


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most aftermarket lights have both tail and stop/turn wiring, does one light have black, red, brown and the other black, green and brown.