Suspension question


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I have a brand new(to Me) 05 gas precedent. I bought a 3" Jakes Lift with the cart. That was before I new they made LT's and A Arm lifts. I have some 22"ers on there right know. What I was wondering is what would the advantage be for a long travel vs a A arm. The only thing I really want is to soften the ride a little. While still keeping is somewhat safe. 3"s is plenty of lift for where I want to go. Just wondering how much better the ride is on the LT than an A-arm

From what I've seen on here the All-sports or the Jakes are the way to go, Whatever you can say about these is greatly apreciated also.

I posted this in the suspension portion of custom golf cart conversions before I saw this.



dirtysouth can tell you everything you need to know about the AllSports lift. What kind of tires are you running? How much air pressure are you running in them?


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if you've already got the jake's kit on there, I'd leave it alone unless you're having some specific kind of issue. I generally fabricate my own pieces for a lift, but it's been my experience that jacking with the suspension geometry on a club car is not a good idea. If you're looking for a softer ride, then, as hotrod pointed out, you probly need to let some air out of your tires. Your bigger mudgrip tires generally should only run between 5-8 psi (depending on tire and usage requirements)