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New here, Have a question for ya. Ok. Here is the deal. I have a 95 medalist, and it had the good old fashioned left lean going. It was a golf course cart in its prior life. So I went down and bought new front and rear springs for it. I installed them and still have the left lean on the drivers side front only. The left side is also very soft in comparison to the right.
Is there a left and right spring? or did I just get a bad spring? Any ideas would be appreciated you all seem to know alot about these carts.
Ohhh almost forgot, the cart is stock hieght, and I would like to lift the front about 2in. max to clear my new 18-9.5-8 tires they seem to rub a bit off road.
Thanks in advance.


A weak shock on the left could be causing the left to be softer but wouldn't cause the sag. Something may be bent or one of the new springs could be weak. You could try swapping the front springs side to side and see what happens.


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I think these EZGOs are tweeked. I have the long travel a arm on the frt and a 3 link with coil overs in the rr and have the same problem.



It is possible for a shock to become froze in the full up position. Have you jumped/ramped the car?

There are a few measurements you can take that will let you know some great information:

1) Measure from just inside each tire to the bottom of the front cowl.

2) Measure the exact center of each leaf spring - ground up, from the inside (towards center of car). Make sure to take the measurements on level ground.

3) Measure shock height, with car on the ground.

1, tells us if you have body lean = frame damage
2, tells us if you have spring sag
3, checks for frozen shock.

If none of those work, there is another measurement to take. Before going there though, those are the most common causes for the "Leans"

Hope that helps,