sun classic custom huh


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well, i have someone thats wants me to customize his 1986 sun classic yamaha. this is going to be tough.
the things that are for sure are: the out side of the cart will be mid night blue, the gold will be changed to chrome, the wood grain will be replaced with carbon fiber decals, all the brown color will be painted black as well as the inside of the cart. of course i need to change the tire and wheel look. up for suggestions. he only has 2 request. 1 the floor not to be slippery maybe some diamond plate and the cup holders not to swing?
i haven't look at them yet. i'm taking on this project simply because it a well kept classic. if anyone has any thoughts or advise. i'm open for any and all suggestions. i want it to be right,i do not want to be disrespectful. i'd like it to look good for the next 23 years and mybe the grand kids would like to go for a ride on it. because it cool looking. thanks bcgc


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You can upgrade the look of the cart with 12" wheels and 205/30-12 tires. They are the same diameter as the originals and will not require a lift kit. The ride is a little rougher but normally it's not noticed that much.
I've seen 12" wheel tire combos for as little as $350. Search eBay item # 350088797754