Summit II Battery Charger Problem


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Pulling my hair out, 2005 Club Car, brand new T1275’s 48v 4/12’s brand new Summit II off board battery charger(w/3prong plug) having awful time getting it to charge. Bypassed OBC according to instructions ( checked and dbl checked) Over and over showing full red fault. Begins to blink yellow after 10-12 minutes turns red while still yellow charge light. Have the app which is clear as mud (I’m 73). Page one paragraph one tells me it’s a battery fault. App is telling me it’s only taking 36v charge with no fault. Attempted to re input battery specs no avail. On board battery minder tells me 51v @ 90+- capacity yet app tells me 35-36 % with 82 mins. To full. Whew!!! I’ve spit it all out and hope it makes sense to any and all who might have suggestions. Thanks, jim

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Good luck
Been having same problems and not message on this site knows how to fix it. What is up asking silly questions as if you know something. If you know how to fix it. Say so.


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Both of you send me your email address I will send you the manual it's too big to fit on the fourm