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I am new to the forum and to repairing carts and am trying to help a friend with a 1998 Yamaha G16A cart problem.

His cart runs, but it is real sluggish and jerky, it will not get anywhere close to the speed that it used to run. We have cleaned the carb, replaced the fuel lines and filter, flushed the old gas out, and put in new, and nothing is taking care of it. Solenoids and coil seem to be running at the right voltage, however did notice the starter motor was very dirty, and ohming out at a very high number. Not sure if this can have anything to do with it or not.

Suspect it may be a bad RPM limiter, is there anyway to verify this short of installing a new one?

Any help is appreciated.


It could need the valves adjusted. The manual calls for .004 cold. I set them at .006 cold. Try that and let us know if you still have problems.


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Look behind the secondary clutch and see if the snap ring is pushed back. Most of the carts never had the update to the spacer and the clip slides back!