Street Legal Lights


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Good morning - new to this post!

I am looking for a kit to add street legal lights, turn signals, etc. to my cart. However, I am having trouble finding the right stuff. I have sent messages to several parts suppliers asking them but no one seems to want to answer me so I am hoping here.........maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

My cart is a 2009 EZGO Gas Sport 2+2 Model. It already has headlights and taillights but not the street legal kind. In all of the light kits that I can find they keep referring to the TXT model and I cannot find any that refer directly to the Sport 2+2 model. I have not been able to sort out if these are actually the same body styles or what? The attached picture is not mine but it is exactly the same.

Thanks for any help!



All you need to get is a turn signal kit for a factory TXT from a E-Z-Go dealer that has a [5] pin connector and will plug right in to your cart with no wire cutting. I can get you the number later if needed. Up under the hood you can find the car side part of the connector.