Street legal light kit w/no voltage reducer?

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Has anyone found a street legal light kit with turn signals and horn that works on a 36V 1999 EZGO TXT and does not use a reducer?
Is this possible?
Any advice would be helpful.
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There are light kits that operate on up to 48 volts, I only do the street legal lights and the ones I buy are 48v compatible. Get one rated for 36v or above then you can just hook directly to your main 36v positive and negative

I would give you a link to what I use but they only sell to dealers.

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Got my new light kit that operates up to 48 volts. Getting ready to install it next week.
Will post about the install and testing it out after I am done.
Thanks for the advice!

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Got it all installed. It was super easy with the help of a friend and his automotive lift.
First time around I put on the 48 volt horn, and it would not make a sound, so I put on the 12 volt labeled horn, and
it worked just like it was supposed to.
Lights and horn, turn signals and headlight kit with the wiring harness, and now we are street legal.
Not hard at all, with the only part that really took any time, was aligning the headlight and taillight cutouts.


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