Street Legal Golf Carts In Florida?


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I'm new here. Clearly. Moving to Florida next week.

I need a street legal golf cart to go from my house 1/4 mile down 30A to the beach with a family of 4.

What do I want? Gas? Electric? What is street legal? How do I make it legal? Plates?



Either gas or electric will do the job. Electric will have more torque for hills , gas has more range, Quiet verses noise and some fumes, your choice. Check regulations on street legal use. May only have to have lights and insurance. I don't live in Florida .

Patrick L

As Zman said, checking the street legal regulations would be a good thing. There may be differences in state, county and city requirements. In my area I believe the golf cart has to be able to go 30/35 mph, and I've seen some converted to disk brakes. I've seen seat belts in some. Of course all lights are required. I should probably know more, but, I don't use the streets. The local DMV offices here are very good/helpful.

Patrick L

An addition to the last post wouldn't post.
I tend to prefer EZGO and having owned both gas and electric I tend to now prefer electric. But, being able to fix about anything with an engine I think they are easier to figure out and easier to make faster. Learning about these electric monsters is a real experience.