Street Legal Golf Carts in California


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First step. Don't call the CA DMV. They don't speak golf cart street legal. It is a waste of your time. They refer you to other DMV people who don't know anything. I don't know what your time is worth taking your cart to the CHP who will tell you that you can't street legal a golf cart and then go to the DMV and have some dingdong DMV worker tell you it is not a golf cart because it doesn't have a bagwell or straps to hold your golfclubs. Then tell you to go put the golf club straps back on.
The next step is to call the mfg. and have them send you a certifacate of origin. I have an Ezgo. One call to Ezgo a Textron Company and they will send you one. You need to tell them your serial number.
Next Call: All Vehicle Registration Service. Ask for Tony. 951 259-5064 (Located in SOCAL)
Tony will come to your home or business. He will inspect your golf cart. You give him the certificate of origin. and $ 300.00. This includes his service and the first year registration and whatever else the DMV charges. The next years registration will aprox. $ 64.00 or less depending on what you tell Tony what your cart is worth. I have done three carts with him. If he inspects the cart on a Monday you usually receive the plates and registration on the following Friday. The pink slip will follow in the mail. Later you will receive a notice from the DMV telling you that you need to show proof of insurance. I hope this will save you alot of time and money. It took me a year to find this service. Tell Tony you were recommended by Ted. Good luck, Ted