Street Legal Golf Carts in Arizona


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Today we licensed our 1999 EZ GO electric cart. The dealer furnished us with a signed title and we took the title and proof of purchase to the MVD. It was not necessary to take the cart in?????

Of course, no smog certificate was required :) Cost us a whole $28 for a 4 X 7 plate with handicapped symbol. Our cart is for RV Park use and local shopping.

IF the cart had not had a title we would have had to go through some steps: 1) send a certified, return receipt letter to the dealer (or owner) and wait 15 days 2) If no answer, send a second return receipt, certified letter to the dealer or owner IF you get a title you're OK

BUT if no title is produced, take the 2 return receipt/certified letters postal proof to the MVD. MVD gives you a form to take to the bank to get a bond. This apparently costs somewhere between $25 and $250.

The titled cart did not have to be inspected.

The one that had no title had to be inspected.

After the first certified/return receipt letter the dealer "gave" us a five-year newer cart with newer (albeit US 2200) comment :)


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What would stop a person from getting a bill of sale from a neighbor? Can't you get the cart titled with a BOS?


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MVD asked to see the bill of sale? I could not believe that the cart did not have to be inspected.



My neighbor took delivery of a new Tomberlin Emerge today, Chinese cart, comes wirh a statement of origin, you take that and proof of insurance to the sos in mi (mvd) and they issue you a title and a license plate,does not require inspection. I hope CC and Ezgo get into this market.

not so fast

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I have found that to register a cart in Az that has not previously been registered you have to produce an MSO to get a certificate of ownership which is required to register for the street, at least that what they told me and is what I did. I couldnt believe the number of carts that I looked at that had NO OWNERSHIP PAPERS. It was a majority of them and I had to pass without this. JMHO.NSF


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With my MSO, I also had to have an invoice, showing purchase price.

with a clear title, they didn't ask for a BOS or Invoice ... title only