Street Legal Golf Cart in South Carolina


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For your golf cart to be street legal in South Carolina you only need insurance and spend $5 at the DMV for a permit(sticker) and you are set. You can not operate the golf cart at night or on highways. You also have to be with-in a 2 mile radius of your home except in a campground. :usa:


My 2004 EZGO is registered in Liberty SC for street use but it stays here in Garden City all the time. I didn't think about it when I got the sticker, I have never been pulled over on it down here yet either though. Well except for the time I was out on the beach during last winter. They never asked for the paper work but I didn't have it either but I do have the sticker.


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The SC law has changed. We can now go 4 miles from home. The Gov is also considering allowing night time driving with lights, blinkers and horn. Oh yeah, you are required to have a drivers license also. In a gated community, the POA has the final say. Most are very lax on rules.