Street Legal Golf Cart in NJ

hello, I am curious if there is a way to register my golf cart as a low speed vehicle street legal in NJ without a 17 digit vin#. It is a 2003 Club Car, and has a serial number, but not a vin#. thanks for any info.


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every state is different. you should with DOT for your state.
there are a lot a things the have to be upgraded if it is allowed
in your state. rollover protection, seat belts,safety glass windshield
four wheel brakes, windshield wiper, lights, turn signals, etc....



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Unfortunately the LSV/NEV Laws for the State of New Jersey require a manufacturer's 17 digit VIN number and I doubt there is any way around it.
LSVs operated on any public road or highway in
the state shall be maintained in proper
condition and comply with equipment
requirements and standards:
• Adequate brakes to control the movement of
the vehicle
• An odometer
• A speedometer
• The original manufacturer's VIN die-stamped
on the body and/or frame, engine or motor of
the vehicle
• A safety information decal provided by the
manufacturer must be in a conspicuous place
on the rear of the vehicle displaying "25 MPH
Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) must be titled,registered and insured in New Jersey.
However, they are not subject to regular vehicle inspection and are exempt from sales tax.