Street Legal 3-wheeler?


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With 3 wheels, it could (maybe) be registered as a motorcycle; no 25 NEV speed limit. With this motor it could keep up with traffic.

My idea is to mount the front end of a motorcycle on the rear end of a golf cart, 2 person, tandem seating, with a tubular steel cage all around. Tandem seating would give driver and passenger some side impact crumple zone.

PLAN B: T "tadpole trike" With 2 wheels in front. It's more stable that way but a more complicated build. Rotate the cart chassis 180* and use the rear end of the bike; mount the motor on the bike frame to drive the rear wheel; add a cage

PLAN C:Adapt a vintage 3 wheeled golf cart of a 3 wheel industrial vehicle for tandem seating and a cage.

I don't have the tools or the space to do this kind of work myself. Other than the cost of parts, what kind of price range am I looking at have this kind of work done? Anyone know a shop in Southern CA that might do this kind of work?