Street Bike Engine in a Yamaha G9 Golf Cart


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How hard would it be to put a 2006 R1 street bike engine in a Yamaha G9 golf cart? Could I just mount the motor and use a clutch system from comet? What do you guys think? I figure I can get a complete R1 motor for the same price I would pay for a Honda 24hp engine.
I am building this cart for the dunes. I will put a long travel lift on it.


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I can't give you a answer to your questions but I'm sure others will jump in and give you some ideas. It sounds like it would be a nice project... Keep us updated on your progress.


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I would stick with the chain drive to an atv axle. I dont think your going to get a belt drive clutch on the output shaft of a bike motor. I could be wrong though...

I've also seen folks replace the secondary clutch with a sprocket, and chain drive to the stock rear end.



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I have purchased a 1994 VX500 V-Max snowmobile motor to put in my Yamaha 1994 G9. The motor is liquid cooled and it’s a 2 stroke. The motor was in an ez-go golf cart. My question is I can’t seem to find any info on the net about this engine? I don’t know the HP rating or redline? The guy used the stock clutches off the ez-go. Can I use my stock clutches? Can I use his stock (ez-go) primary with my secondary? Should I buy the 1st and 2nd clutch off a snowmobile? Or should I get just the primary off a snowmobile? Does anyone know about this motor?

I will be doing a highly detailed (lots of photos) build up of the G9. It will have a long travel front & rear suspension and a lil bit of power to go with it. Do you think it will rip???????


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I am new to this site, so sorry for the late response. Here is a link to a cart that had a 2005 R1 motor installed in it and I believe he used a rear axle from a Honda 250R Quad.

Personally, I wouldn't use that big or that high of a performance engine. It's way overkill. 12.2secs in the quarter mile is a death trap, (carts have poor stearing, high center of gravity and 111hp @ the wheels is like having a honda civic with 1000hp, its useless. No traction or control.)
A 400 to 600cc 4 stroke street bike would be more realistic. If geared properly would still have plenty of enough power. Or a 250 to 500cc 2cycle if your going to be really running it "not a trail rig, 2cycle don't like to be idled or ran slow, plugs faul."

I am considering the same project, just remember, you will have gears to make up for brute power. Everyone running the 24hp v-twins only have one gear and a large slow engaging clutch. Not that that is a bad set up. I just think (just speculating) that and 80cc 4 stroke off of a small 4 wheeler with an auto clutch and gear shifter (stock set up for an older Yamaha 80cc childs wheeler) would be able to preform as well if not better than a v-twin 24hp Honda engine. The cons would be having to shift gears, motor would have to be turned on unlike the gas and go set up for a normal cart. Some larger Honda 4 track model 4 wheelers "late 80's had a built in reverse" I think the125 and 200cc had it.

Anyways, look around. There are a lot of other options that can be more economical. Sure an R1 is a sick motor, but not in my opinion ideal.

Hope this helped, Even if it was long winded.