Strange Charger Issue


OK, here's where I'm at. Batteries were allowed to all go dead over this Winter (I know, I know), charged them all individually and then put the charger back on. I got the ubiquitous "click" from the charger when I plugged into the cart. I DID NOT, however plug it into the a/c outlet-totally forgot. It was like that all night and now the charger does nothing at click, no hum nothing. What did I do? The batts all read 8.2-8.5 so I think they're OK. Is there a way to test the charger? IIRC, there was a way to bypass the relay in it, but I don't remember how. Anyone have anything on this? TIA


New Member
I don't know of a way to check the charger, I have found that a fully charged set of batteries such as you are stating should not make charger come back on to charge mode. I suggest running the cart to put a drain on the system then try hooking up charger to see if it kicks in. If it doesn't come on, make sure you have power to the charger then try resetting the charger. There should be a reset button either on the front or back of charger. If that does not work look at the diode (the thing in the glass bubble) and make sure its not blown.