stolen golf cart Medina, Ohio


Around Nov. 1 a customer of mine had there cart stolen while the family was at there fathers funeral. This was the fathers cart.
ser.# 964622 manf. code H2996
96 gas ezgo, hunter green plastic body, tan top, tan seats, lift kit, 22" tires, alum. mag wheels, SMV sign attached to the basket. It will also have a 2"x4" vinyl letter sticker that reads Classy Carts, Wooster, Ohio on the front above the EZGO emblem. This was a medalist until I installed a used plastic body, so the rivets that hold the body on will different than the factory. Large head alum. color rivets.
The person that they think could have stolen the cart drives a 94 White Ford Ranger, is a white male, 44yrs. old, height 5'-6", 170#, wears baggy clothes and has a sister that lives in Georgia. So if he is the one, he may have taken the cart there.
It's petty bad when someone takes advantage of a family while there at there fathers funeral. How low! Any help, as you no, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Thats the second one we have heard about in the past month. With gas prices, be easy to sell a low priced cart. Lock em up good i guess.