still got problems


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hello sorry i havent been on here much i am still having problems with my 1984 hd cart 4 wheel. type...the key is stuck in reverse,,,,and wont turn it was running ok..backwards so i swaped the wires around on the switch where it would go forward it ran like that for about 2 it will turn over put wont start..i am not for sure how a 2 cycle works,,,,but i know with a volt meter when its turning over there is power to the coil....but there is no power to the points that i can see or tell....i ahve change the points and condenser again...and coil..but still wont does this thing wire..and all so how can i do away with the bad switch and just use a toggle switch i havent tried it ever which way...but i can even get it to turn over..unless i put back the ole bad about to take a gun and put the cart out of its misery lol....i have tried ever thing i can think off can any one on here help me please all...suggestions are helpful///