Steering wheel covers


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I have a 1983 marathon, the steering wheel has turned white. I know this is normal if the cart has been left out. I purchased a Chevrolet steering wheel cover and of course it didn't fit just right.
Is there a company that you can order one that will fit. I also was thinking about ordering a new wheel all together but I don't want to shell out a lot of money. Any recomendations?

Dad and i were thinking about using garden hose to help it fit, i'm not sure if it will fit but is worth a try.


There are a few options at your disposal

1) Mask and paint
. You can paint it to match your body color (the golf car's silly), or a contrasting color. There isn't that much abrassion on the column, so a spay paint and primer would work just fine.

2) I belive there is a chrome steering column cover made for your year car. I'll have to check to be sure, but I'm almost positive I saw one for around $30. It's a drop on, so you wouldn't have to worry about "feild engineering"



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Bob, I think he is talking about the actual steering wheel itself. I had the same problem. I just took some black spray paint to it after a light sanding. Works for me!